OPAL is based on the mysterious and enchanting childhood diary of Opal Whitely (a.k.a. Françoise D’Orleans) written in 1904. An aristocratic girl is orphaned in a shipwreck and taken to an Oregon lumbercamp, where she is given to a work-worn woman who names her Opal. To survive in this stark environment, the child creates a world of fantasy. While striving to find the way back to her parents, Opal transforms the lives of those around her. Through the power of innocence and imagination, she discovers home.

[Book, Music, and Lyrics by RLN]

 * The American copyright to the diary of Opal Whiteley has expired for failure to renew. The British/international copyright to the Opal Whiteley diary is still in effect throughout the world until the year 2062.It is administered by Library of the University of London. The complete dramatic rights to the Opal Whiteley in all media (stage, film, television, etc.) are owned and controlled exclusively by Robert Lindsey-Nassif. No other dramatic depiction of the diary is permitted.

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“A splendid musical. Robert Lindsey-Nassif has captured the enchanting strangeness of a diary written by a shipwrecked seven year old girl.  Real adults in a real world, but seen through one child’s eyes.  Mr. Lindsey-Nassif’s lovely music…draws one into a place of magical transformations.  It is a rare achievement.”      New York Times

“A mesmerizing musical gem.  OPAL is brimming with ideas and overflowing with heart.  Robert Lindsey-Nassif’s musical is a moving, entertaining fantasy about the mysteries of the human heart. The particular achievement of OPAL is the relative ease with which Lindsey combines a delightful family fairy tale with a thoroughly adult sense of emotional reality…conveying the simultaneous sophistication and innocence of Nassif’s remarkable creation.”  Weekend Plus (A Forbes Publication)

“Bravo!  I’d gladly watch this musical gem again!  A resourceful, melodic score. “The New York Voice

“Something to Sing About!  OPAL is a resounding success. A gem of a musical.  It is an irresistible and utterly universal story of a girl trying to fit into a world foreign to her. Lindsey-Nassif’s score is melodic and complex. A musical that deserves to be produced by theaters across the country. OPAL is an extraordinary achievement.”   Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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Opal, Honky-Tonk Highway, and other Theatre Songs by Robert Lindsey Nassif, Featuring Jeff Harnar, Judy Kuhn, Marni Nixon, & Rachel York