Eliot Ness in Cleveland

Ness-logoELIOT NESS IN CLEVELAND tells the bizarre story of Ness vs. the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, American’s first serial killer. It is 1933. Ness is already famous, having been credited with bringing in notorious gangsterAl Capone back in Chicago, where Ness headed an elite group of police called the Untouchables. Ness is brought to Cleveland with much fanfare and the lofty expectation that he will clean up rampant crime and corruption in the city and stop the Mad Butcher’s murderous spree. Haunted by the specter of Al Capone, Ness spirals into madness as he tries to capture the Butcher and salvage his own reputation. [Book by Peter Ullian – Music and Lyrics by RLN – Based on the play In the Shadow of the Terminal Tower by Peter Ullian]


Taut, absorbing. A musical of great style and crisp wit…proving that in the musical world nothing is untouchable if handled with style.” Variety

“Eliot Ness is single-handedly redeeming American musical theater. I predict that ELIOT NESS…IN CLEVELAND is destined to follow in the respectable footsteps of its spiritual siblings THREEPENNY OPERA and SWEENEY TODD.” The Boulder Camera

“This is musical theater that is pulsing, power-packed, vital and visionary. ELIOT NESS IN CLEVELAND will leave you breathless. The next landmark of the American musical stage. It must be seen to be believed.” Out in Denver